Photo by ViB Visuals

Photo by ViB Visuals

TR Ceramic Studio is the art practice of ceramic artist and industrial designer, Triniruth Bautista, 

After completing her degree in Bachelor of Industrial Design from the University of the Philippines, Diliman, she then decided to pursue clay as her primary vessel to carry product designs that evolve between functional and sculptural aesthetic.  In 2015, with the curiosity of exploring the power of clay, she enrolled in Kootenay Studio Arts, Selkirk College in Nelson, British Columbia.

TR Ceramic Studio is the results of her narrative process with the medium that always begins with a question What? How? and Why?

“What will happen if I mix paper with clay? What will the texture be like if I added grog into it? If I put the colored stain directly into the glaze will it be more pronounced? With the result of my experiments, I began to unfold the character of clay. In my own means, I began to create its identity. The discoveries I have made resulted into one of a kind piece that has never been done with clay.”

With enthusiasm, sense, and instinct, TR Ceramic Studio is her vision to create an imaginative functional art piece that entices the audience, the user, to integrate it into their personal space as an object that will rebel against the mundane life.